Dave Nada - Apocalypse
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Artwork by Hydro74.

  1. Apocalypse Theme
  2. Apocalypse Theme (Flinch and 12th Planet remix)
  3. Drummer’s Rock
  4. Inner Midget (Nadastrom remix)

With the Apocalypse EP, Tittsworth and Ayres’s T&A Records makes the leap from bootleg remix-based Baltimore Club to more original dance music, with the prince of their roster, Dave Nada.

Baltimore-based Dave Nada brings an electrifying energy to his performances and production rarely seen in a DJ. He is a longstanding resident at Taxlo, voted “best party in America” by Blender Magazine. Previous DJ tours include international dates with DJ Craze, Tittsworth, Australia tours, festival gigs in Puerto Rico and more. Even in a time of declining record sales, Dave Nada’s regular releases on T&A (label of Tittsworth & DJ Ayres, of The Rub) rapidly sell out. As Nadastrom, Dave Nada and partner Matt Nordstrom have released two EPs on Switch’s Dubsided label, topping numerous international charts, particularly Buzz/DMC Magazine and Beatport, reaching the number one top download spot.

“Apocalypse Theme” is an original Baltimore Club imagining of the end of the world (echoed in the apocalyptic 2012 Mayan calendar-influenced artwork by Hydro74). 12th Planet and Flinch’s dubstep remix of the title track adds a heavy bass wobble and laser stabs without losing any of Dave’s murderous intensity. The B-side leads off with a somewhat more traditional but equally knocking Baltimore horn track, “Drummer’s Rock.” Rounding out the EP is a more minimal-fidget (“midget” for short) house tune from Nadastrom, inspired by Goldie’s “Inner City Life.” And be sure to grab the bonus, promo only “Inner City Club” mix.