Bird Peterson and Ocelot - Soul Survivor
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  1. Soul Survivor
  2. Soul Survivor (DJ Craze Remix)
  3. Soul Survivor (Run DMT Remix)
  4. Soul Survivor (Chain Snatch Edit)
  5. Soul Survivor (Anna Love Remix)
  6. Soul Survivor (Trowa Moombahton Remix)

“Aaah yeah, big one!” – Crookers
“Post apocalyptic dancefloor mayhem. Dark and aggressive in all the right parts. Love it!” – St Mandrew (Teenage Riot Records)
“This track makes me go HAAARGHGHGH!!!” – Congorock
“I just about survived all of that bass in my face!” – Louis La Roche
“Sounds like Steve Aoki being mauled by bears (that’s a good thing), mental tune” – Attack Yourself
“The drums are big enough to shake off the cobwebs of the most disciplined nun” – bxentric
“Love it. Meaty as sin. Loving the sample.” -Cassette Jam