Boyfriend - Same/Day
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“Vilnius, Lithuania doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue as a hotbed of progressive bass music, so therefore it’s not surprising if you’re sleeping on the productions of Vilnius native Boyfriend. Thus, what might surprise you is the deep, intriguing and nuanced sound of his new T & A Records-released Same Day EP.

“Same” showcases Boyfriend’s awareness of tropical bass, the sweeps and thumps of time spend around dancehall and moombahton clearly influencing the direction of his loose-yet-focused tech house track. The spoken-word interview snippet about how “uncomfortable people feel…when you’re pushing something forward” has been a hallmark of his career to date and his “bashment-meets-Berghain” vibe here is excellent.

“Day” is all soulful and ambient fidget house that lengthens into a moody groove. The sweep of echoing snares here are a terrific touch, this one meant for that 4 a.m. realization during deep house night at the discotheque that the darkest hour is just before dawn.

The greatest success of the Same Day EP is that Boyfriend does the very necessary work of opening a door to a space where house music can meander once it tires from the maddening festival crowd.”

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