Clicks and Whistles - Neva Get Caught/Raw Passion
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Artwork by Dejan Pavlovic

  1. Neva Get Caught
  2. Raw Passion
  3. Neva Get Caught (Deathface Remix)
  4. Neva Get Caught (Tittsworth Remix)
  5. Neva Get Caught (Subvader Remix)
  6. Neva Get Caught (Starks & Nacey Remix)
  7. Raw Passion (Unsub Remix)
  8. Raw Passion (DJ Ayres Remix)

We’ve racked our brains to try to figure out a genre Clicks and Whistles fit into but they defy an easy category. Their beats could be instrumentals for Waka Flocka Flame or Rick Ross, but also bring to mind the bent minimalism of post-dubstep innovators such as Joy Orbison and Jamie Xx. Their closest cousins would probably be Lex Lugor, Lunice, Araab Muzik and Girl Unit, all dudes who are equally informed by dirty south rap and electronic music. And the duo of Turbo Petey and Hey Whore Hey hail from the same soil as Timbaland and the Neptunes, so they come by their hip-hop experimentation honestly.

All the artists on T&A jumped at the chance to remix a track for the EP, so we ended up with a really eclectic EP. Label head Tittsworth grabs the Three 6 Mafia vocal hook from “Neva Get Caught” and builds a huge dark rave banger around it, while his partner in crime DJ Ayres takes “Raw Passion” in the opposite direction, with lush pads and cascading triplets. Similarly, Starks & Nacey’s “Neva Get Caught” remix sits on trap-hop drums and an irresistably bleepy hook. Deathface takes the same track into hard-as hell dubstep territory, along with Unsub keeps the swelling synths of Raw Passion and builds it up from there. Subvader is on some next shit entirely, you’ll just have to listen but we think his remix might just be the dark horse winner of the EP.