Steve Starks - Git Em
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  1. Git Em
  2. Git Em (Dillon Francis remix)
  3. Git Em (Zombies For Money remix)
  4. Witness
  5. Witness (DJ Ayres remix)
  6. Steve Starks – Git Em (Munchi Kuduro remix)

After an intense bidding war with five record labels, Tittsworth and Ayres managed to sign Steve Starks’s incredible club stomper “Git ‘Em” to T&A Records! This is Steve’s second go-round with T&A; if you missed the debut Starks & Nacey EP, be sure to grab it right here.“Git Em” is a muscular beast of a track. The first time we heard it we immediately thought of the percussion on Plastikman “Spastik,” but this isn’t loopy techno. Steve starts it off deceptively minimal yet quickly ramps it up to hard as fuck beats and pounding sub bass – he could have called this track “Punch Em In The Fucking Face (Part 5).”

“Witness” picks up where Green Velvet’s “Preacher Man” left off, with a hellfire and brimstone preacher going in over huge drums and paranoid tech-house synths. And what a drop!

Then there are the remixes!

Just when you thought “Git ‘Em” couldn’t get any harder, LA’s Dillon Francis adds a heap of primetime rave synths to “Git Em,” absolutely smashing the club! Seriously how hard is this shit?

We’re still trying to figure out how Zombies for Money (Trouble & Bass, Portugal) did this weird pitchy thing, it sounds like they are screwing the drums but they say it’s the synths. These guys have the best drums in club music, not to mention a studio full of wild jungle animals.

Hailing from Rotterdam, the young god Munchi transforms “Git Em” into 140 BPM kuduro, somehow channeling a bit of apocalyptic dutch footcrab for good measure. We have no hesitations in declaring that this guy is a fucking genius, be sure to check his Soundcloud if you have any doubts about it. You’ll hear a lot more from Munchi on T&A very soon!

DJ Ayres goes deep and techy with a dub mix of “Witness,” dropping the preacher off before heading to the afterparty. This is the X-Files on pure MDMA. Be sure to stick around for the big Italo baseline at the end: strictly for the 5 AM crew!