Grandtheft - Gangsta Muzik/Splash
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artwork by Rhek, for Sharks & Hammers

  1. Gangsta Muzik
  2. Splash

Grandtheft is one half of Team Canada, and we got to bro down with him and his partner D.R. One in Whistler last year when the duo were the official DJs for the 2010 Olympics, spinning at the medal ceremonies every day on Canadian national television. That shit was crazy. GT is also a beast of a producer, and if you’re a working club DJ, chances are you have some of his remixes in your Serato. He’s on a roll in 2011, having just released the instant classic “Let Me Out” on Plant Records (Stretch Armstrong & Dom’s label), along with releases on Bigfoot (Smalltown DJ’s label) and YYZ.

Here at T&A we are DJs first and foremost, and we got our start putting out DJ records, specifically Baltimore club bootleg remixes. Over the last couple of years we’ve been pushing out more original music but we haven’t forgotten our roots, nor have we stopped collecting and making bootlegs. (Moombahton, anyone?) Grandtheft is the king of this shit, and when he offered us “Splash” and “Gangsta Muzik,” we jumped on both. The former is a house rework ofLudacris “Splash Waterfalls,” super smooth with funky chops and irresistible pitchy percussion. “Gangsta Muzik” is an intense uptempo bootleg of The Diplomats “Dipset Anthem,” with march-y, almost tropical drums, big Baltimore style vocal samples, and a surprise wobbly baseline at the end. These are the type of joints that work equally well at The Rub or at U-Street Music Hall. Fuck with your boy!