Jay Fay - $$OOPS$$
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  1. Jay Fay – $$ OOPS $$
  2. Jay Fay – Starlife f/ G-Eazy
  3. Jay Fay – Bamboula
  4. Jay Fay – Bamboula (J-Trick remix)
  5. Jay Fay – Bamboula (Zombies For Money remix)

With a pile of support from EDM heavyweights such as Skream, Toddla T, Dave Nada, Dillon Francis and DJ Craze under his belt, Jay Fay’s $$OOPS$$ EP is some drum-heavy bass beauty.

“$$OOPS$$” mixes tropical vibes with tough bassline electro to create a peak-hour groove, while “Starlife” features frequent collaborator G-Eazy. “Bamboula,” whether in its original interpretation or as remixed by rising bassbin rattlers J-Trick and Zombies For Money is a wild low-end excursion.

Having already remixed heavy hitters like Jon Kwest and Bro Safari after the success of his debut Bonkers EP, Jay Fay’s second release only serves to cement his growing reputation. $$OOPS$$ expands his sound into a now trademarked territory all his own.