Johnny Love - The Switch Remixes
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artwork by Rhek for Sharks & Hammers, illustration by Owen Brozman

  1. The Switch (Torro Torro remix)
  2. The Switch (Paparazzi remix)
  3. The Switch (Skinny Friedman and DJ Ayres remix)
  4. Sonora (Udachi remix)
  5. Are You Ready? (Myrryrs remix)

Deathface, aka everybody’s favorite LARPer and Trouble and Bass’er, takes a break from his brutal dubstep and atari-teenage-riot-core to visit a new style of heavy beats as JOHNNY LOVE. Originally from Chicago (home of Hot Doug’s), Johnny reminds us with these diverse cuts that house has been an important part of his past.

The Torro Torro remix slips their signature T Dot Dutch Funk into “The Switch.” Both this remix and the original have been amongst the heavier tunes in my crate. What yo swag like — I dare you to play thru the second drop of the original!

Paparazzi provides a bouncy and fun bassline remix to get the party started and Udachi blends dub wobbles, club drums and funky percussion for his “Sonora” rework. The Skinny Friedman and DJ Ayres MOOMBATHON remix of “The Switch” got me on some wanna-knife-fight shit. Finally the “Are You Ready” Myrryrs remix is a forward and funky skippy take of Johnny’s banger gone mental.