Rob Threezy - Let's Go Ravers
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Artwork by Kaptain Cadillac
Mastering by Ben Cohen (Dirty Platinum)

  1. Let’s Go Ravers
  2. Your Love
  3. They’re Coming
  4. Round House
  5. Round House (Tittsworth Remix)
  6. The Chase (Rampage Remix)
  7. The Chase (DJ Ayres Remix)

Diverse EP out of Chicago’s Rob Threezy. Both “Let’s Go Ravers” and “Your Love” sound like the bastard Bmore children of 90s house songs. “They’re Coming” is a particularly gnarly dubstep track, while “Round House” is a minimal house song that’ll give your subwoofers a work out. Tittsworth takes “Round House” back to Bmore with stuttered vocal samples and synth loops over some syncopated drums, while co-label head DJ Ayres turns in an understated house version of Rob Threezy’s previous Baltimore Club track “The Chase.” Tons of variety on this one, each of the seven tracks provides a little something for everyone.