Dave Nada - Moombahton

Artwork by Rhek.

Dave Nada invented Moombahton (pronounced Moom-buh-tone) at his little cousin’s house party when he slowed an Afrojack remix down to 108 beats per minute. Since then, he’s been making reggaeton-tempo edits of Dutch house and tropical house, and clubs have been going crazy for the stuff. By popular demand, we give you five Moombahton edits for free!

Here is an interview on The Fader blog with Dave explaining the TOTALLY amazing origins of “Moombahton,” which is essentially Dutch house screwed down to sound like reggaeton’s weird little cousin. Hint: involves ditching high school!)

Read more: http://www.thefader.com/2010/03/05/dave-nada-creator-of-moombahton-interview-mp3s/