Munchi - Shottas Remixes
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  1. Shottas – Alvaro remix (Dutch House)
  2. Shottas – Bertonbeats remix (Dubstep)

  3. Shottas – FFF remix (Jungle / Breakcore)

  4. Shottas – Harikiri remix (Dubstep)

  5. Shottas – Nguzunguzu remix (Tropical Bass)

  6. Shottas – Schlachtofbronx remix (Soca)

  7. Shottas – Shaun D & Master D remix (Bubbling)

  8. Shottas – Unsub remix (Drumstep)

  9. Shottas – Original mix

This EP is so f*cking stacked, I don’t even know where to begin. Munchi hand-picked all of the remixers, from his favorite new producers around the world to some of his greatest influences in his native Netherlands. Some went for Munchi’s agro synth, some went for Mr Lexx’s badman vocals, and one remix strips the beat all the way down to gunshots – you just have to hear it for yourself. 

JFK (MSTRKRFT) “Fuck, I cant decide what I like best… the Alvaro or the Shawn D & Master D mix. I’m playin it for sure.”

AC Slater “Really feeling the Alvaro, Bertonbeats, and Nguzunguzu remixes. Loving everything Bertonbeats has been doing over the past 6 months. So good.”

Smalltown DJs “This is nuts! So good!”

Sabo “Dude the Alvaro remix is crazy.”

Dooze Jackers “Alvaro remix is totally crazy!” 

Schlachthofbrohnx “Nice! You left out one H in our name though.”

Diplo “Tell Munchi I hate him.”

So Shifty “Dope lineup of remixers, am very much into the Schlachthofbronx and Nguzunguzu mixes. Killer release!”

Larry Tee “Yummy! I am a BIG Munchi fan!!!!!”