Rampage and Nader - Windy City Nights
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  1. Get Up
  2. Gave You Love
  3. Party Time
  4. Get Funky
  5. Gave You Love (Starks and Nacey remix)
  6. Gave You Love (Top Billin NYC remix)
  7. Gave You Love (Adulture and Ghosts of Venice remix)
  8. Party Time (Madd Jazz remix)

We’re old friends with Rampage and his Ghetto Division crew, having released Rob Threezy’s “Let’s Go Ravers EP” last year on T&A. But we first heard Rampage & Nader’s disco-house on a podcast. Ghetto Division rocked aBest of Chicago mix for XLR8R, spanning 90 tracks and 30 years of Chicago house. Amid all those classic records, the track that stood out the most was a new production, Rampage and Nader’s “Get Up.” So we hit up Rampage and as it turned out, they had a whole bunch of hits in the can. A few months later we present the “Windy City Nights EP.”

“Get Up” is the lead track here, and it is just impossible to sit down when this one comes on. It was hard to let this one out of the secret crate because it has been killing crowds everywhere we go. “Get Up” definitely holds its own next to disco-house staples by Bob Sinclar, Duck Sauce, Fake Blood and so forth.

“Gave You Love,” with its big diva vocal and filter disco loops, is a DJ favorite: we sent out all four tracks from the EP to some of our favorite DJs, and everyone picked this one to remix. Top Billin took it to New York, with a Todd Terry style tribute to the legends of old school house (produced entirely on an MPC). Adulture and Venice keep the disco but base their remix on an entirely different sample, going more of a funk route, while Starks & Nacey modernize it, keeping only a vocal snippet and laying it over a huge club / techno hybrid beat. Be sure to turn on your sub woofer for that one!

Similarly, Rampage’s “Party Time” features a few little vocal snippets but the rest is all twerky synths and rave stabs over 909 badness. Ghetto Division’s Maddjazz keeps the rave but takes the drums tropical and the bass low. 

“Get Funky” is more or less techno, taking it a bit harder for the 3 AM crowd. We could definitely hear this one smashing the club in Detroit or Berlin.