Sandwich Island Bass - Dark Liquor
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Art by Witchoria

FACT: Sandwich Island Bass (SIB) is a trio of young producers from Maui, Hawaii.

FACT: The Dark Liquor EP is comprised of four Zouk Bass songs and one Moombahton song.

Q: What is Zouk Bass?
A: Zouk Bass is an electronic music subgenre, typically slower than Moombahton, clocking in at 90 BPM, but often with double-time elements. Zouk Bass is often characterized by a 3-ball, dancehall or cumbia rhythm paired with EDM-ish sounds you would typically hear in dubstep, trap and Dutch house.

FACT: This is release number 50 for T&A Records, the underground dance label owned by Tittsworth (DC) and DJ Ayres (NY).

PS: Sticks and stones break bones, but the gat’ll kill you quicker / especially when I’m drunk off the liquor.