The Grind
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The smash hit winter compilaton, “Moombahton Forever” waved the T&A Records flag at the pinnacle of moombahton; “The Grind” compilation hints at the next chapter in the label’s dancefloor eclecticism, combining uptempo club with dancehall reggae, techno with deep latin vibes, and trap with good taste.

Label owners Tittsworth and Ayres lead off the compilation with collaborations: Titts grabs Willy Joy for an insane uptempo tropical banger, while DJ Ayres and DJ Eleven (The Rub) bring in dancehall vocalist Natalie Storm for an electro bass romp. Of course it wouldn’t be a T&A release without some moombahton, so Smalltown DJs slow things down on their “Dutty Gyal” remix. Moombahton stars Bigg Makk & Kid Cedek keep the dancehall vibes, with an oddball halftime 110 bpm trappy-moombahton-reggae hybrid track. ChooKy is a new producer hand picked by Dave Nada, and he smashes it with a peak-hour moombahton jam. Hawaii’s Sandwich Island Bass brings the zouk bass on LazyB (for the uninitiated, zouk bass is a 90 BPM tropical sub-genre of moombahton). Sabo (Moombahton Massive, Sol Selectas) combines percolating moombahton with 80s electro hip-hop vibes on Strong Bass, building up a real groover. Disgraceland (UK) takes it even deeper into moombahton-tech-house territory, with the epic 9 minute “My Mind Eye.” And Bro Safari & UFO! round things out with “Zombies,” which goes from lush electronic lullaby to 55 bpm IDM then jumps up to 110 bpm dance.

Schizophrenic on paper, “The Grind” is a surprisingly cohesive journey through electronic music as re-imagined by a roster of brilliant producers.