The Takeover
iTunes / Amazon / Beatport / Juno

Art by Mike the 2600 King

  1. Torro Torro – Blue Blouse
  2. Johnny Love – The Switch
  3. DJ Ayres – Panty Crickets (Tomb Crew remix)
  4. TNT – Hot Gyal
  5. Steve Starks – Git Em (Munchi’s Kuduro remix)
  6. Munchi – Shottas (NGUZUNGUZU remix)
  7. Johnny Love – Sonora
  8. Torro Torro – Blue Blouse (Zombies For Money remix)
  9. Munchi – Murder Sound
  10. DJ Ayres – Flashing Lights Theme
  11. Rampage and Nader – I Gave You Love
  12. Torro Torro – Knocking Boots (Dooze Jackers remix)
  13. Steve Starks – Git Em
  14. DJ Ayres f/ GLC – Got Me Gone (Bird Peterson remix)

This is the fourth annual T&A Records spring compilation, out now on iTunes, Amazon, Beatport, Juno and so forth. New and recent hits by Munchi, Steve Starks, Johnny Love (aka Deathface), DJ Ayres, Torro Torro, TNT, Rampage & Nader, Nguzunguzu, Tomb Crew, Zombies for Money, GLC, Bird Peterson and Dooze Jackers.